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Lubbock lonestar electric Electrician fixing an outlet

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Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your current one, or just need to do some updates on your electrical connections in your house - Lubbock Lonestar Electrical will come in and find the perfect solution to your problem and make sure your family stays safe.  

Perfect solutions for every electrical problem

- Motion lighting

-  Remodeling

-  Outlets

-  Additions

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You don't have to worry about wires left exposed or a job only half completed after Lonestar Lubbock Electric works on your home.  We strive to find the perfect solution and provide top workmanship.

Keeping your lights on - no matter the time!

Repairs or installs - call us today!

Fixing up all of the electrical in your home and last minute or emergency service calls.  20 years of service with electrical contracting and we will solve your problem!